Account Fees and Charges

Asset Management Fee
These fees will vary depending on account size and services provided. Fees are based on a percentage of assets under management and generally fall in the 1.1% range.
Expense Ratio
Fees that are assessed for the daily management of the mutual fund or ETF. These fees are directly applied to the value of the fund and Castle receives no compensation from these fees.
Sales Loads
Sales loads or commissions are not applicable to Castle clients.
Transaction Fee
These fees are implemented by, and for the benefit of, your custodian on equity and ETF transactions. Currently, the custodians we affiliate with charge under $9 per trade.
Short Term Trading Fee
This fee is applicable to mutual funds that are held less than 60 days. This fees is imposed by Fidelity and Castle receives no compensation from this.
Fund Specific Redemption Fees
A select number of mutual funds impose their own short-term redemption fees. These fees are assessed by the specific fund company and Castle receives no form of this compensation.