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Industry Professionals Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Solutions at WealthIntact.com

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK - WealthIntact.com has officially launched as an off-brand blogging community.  Using professionals from different specialties within the financial services industry, Wealth Intact hopes to provide clients with comprehensive viewpoints to relevant and timely financial topics.  Areas such as Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Taxation & Estate issues are likely to be the highest profile topics.

WealthIntact.com addresses the need of clients to gain a deeper understanding about the strategies driving their portfolio returns.  More importantly, it puts portfolio return and risk management into perspective.  This site will enable clients to compare ideas such as portfolio strategy with stock selection and selective diversification with over-diversification.  Additionally, the blog will tackle the comparison of the old normal with the current asset recovery.

With great interest from its current clientele, Castle developed Wealth Intact with social media strategy partner, New Marketing Labs, LLC.  "The acceptance of the social space as a valid media and outlet for firms to communicate has grown exponentially," said Ryan Lampkin, Castle Asset Management's Chief Investment Strategist.  "Firms that truly seek to build strong relationships with clients, need to establish a presence in this area."

About Castle Asset Management
Castle is an independent registered investment advisory firm whose focus is to transform the way clients view asset management.  Castle's proactive approach has guided its clients through the paradigm shift of the investment management industry.